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The Learning Center

The Learning Center is a Christian Education Program which uses A Beka curriculum, originating from the Pensacola Christian Academy in Florida. This Christian approach to education prepares children for school while keeping learning lively, interesting, and memorable. The strong emphasis on phonics teaches children to read prior to entering kindergarten. Repetitive songs, poems and activities help them memorize and apply knowledge to their everyday lives.

Our preschool education is for children ages one to five. We accept children between ages 4 weeks to 15 years. The before and after school program is designed for the children to have a snack time when they get off the bus, so they are energized to get their homework done, along with some free-play time until parents arrive. We have children from Marclay, Wharton, AJ McMuellen, and private schools enrolled in our before and after school program.

Our operating hours are Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. If you have any questions, please contact The Learning Center @ 724-329-4445 or via email @  .